A broad and complementary expertise 

CLIMSHIFT is an ANR-DFG funded project gathering European partners from France and Germany. With a strong and complementary expertise in ecology, ecotoxicology and modelling, each partner actively contributes to a better understanding of the impacts of multiple anthropogenic stressors on complex aquatic ecosystems. Fostering knowledge transfer among the scientific community, CLIMSHIFT partners are working in close collaboration at all stages of the project with, e.g., regular exchanges and visits among the partners, stakeholder meetings, as well as the joint supervision of PhD students.

Expertise in ecotoxicology and ecosystem functioning of aquatic systems.

EcoLab (France)
Local coordinator Joséphine Leflaive

Expertise in community and functional ecology of freshwater ecosystems.

Expertise in freshwater ecosystem regime shifts and benthic-pelagic coupling. 

Expertise in micro- and mesocosm experiments in marine and freshwater environments, as well as in analysing pelagic food web dynamics and resource related dynamics in plankton communities.

Expertise in the ecology of aquatic primary producers, molecular ecology and community ecotoxicology.